Quick Pay

Elk Logistics invites our existing carriers to participate in our Quick Pay Program. Our Quick Pay Program is designed to be a convenient process for our existing carriers to retrieve funds for the services provided.

To participate in our Quick Pay Program:

  • You must be a carrier that has been set up and doing business with Elk Logistics for at least 1 year.
  • At the time load is tendered, inform us that you desire to participate in Quick Pay Program.
  • We will fax a Quick Pay form along with the rate confirmation explaining our terms for Quick Pay and request that you sign both the Quick Pay form and rate confirmation and fax both documents back to Elk Logistics.
  • The load must be delivered according to the terms of our Broker-Carrier Agreement and all the directions on the Rate Confirmation Sheet such as delivery dates and times.
  • Once the load has been delivered, you’ll need to fax the Rate Sheet, completed Quick Pay Form and the signed and dated Proof Of Delivery to 540-886-2678. The Proof Of Delivery must state “no damages or shortages”. Original copies can then be mailed to us.
  • Once all the proper documentation is received payment will be made per our agreement (EFT or Company Check) within 24 hours.